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28 Nov 2016, Gemma Gacho, EMIS Editor

Renewable energy development needs private sector aid

Rida Mulyana, head of the New and Renewable Energy Directorate General of Indonesia’s Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry, recently reported that the budget allocated for renewable energy is insufficient. The current goal set by the General Planning for National Energy (RUEN) states that 11% of the energy mix must be from renewable energy by 2017.

“The budget is not a large enough fund to reach the energy mix. The energy mix can only be achieved with the help of private sector investors,” Rida remarked.

But Ali Herman Ibrahim, chairman of the Private Electricity Producers Association (APLS), said that investors were hesitant to fund renewable energy projects due to red tape. “There needs to be a national consensus on developing renewable energy because sometimes companies find it difficult to get things signed off on in the regions,” he further added.

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