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14 Oct 2016, Carlota Palileo, EMIS Editor

Put “fear of ombuds-man” in corrupt public servants - Zubiri

Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri backs the government’s push to address corruption in permit-issuing agencies by proposing to criminalising red tape.

Indicating that the current anti-red tap law is not being taken seriously, his proposal includes being able to go after government units who do not issue permits and licenses properly even after individuals and corporations have followed the correct application process and submitted the requirements.

Zubiri said that the changes would “put the fear of ombudsman in the eyes of public servants who, instead of making it easy for people to do business and invest in their hometowns, are making it difficult,” as reported and quoted by Philippine Star.

His proposal is in line with the government’s drive to boost entrepreneurship and the country’s competitiveness in attracting investments.

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