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13 Apr 2018, Waratthapoom Buarapha, EMIS Editor

China donates $66 million to Ghana in a bid to fund new development projects

The Chinese government has agreed to provide a grant worth $66 million to Ghana in a bid support the construction of Jamestown Fishing Port Complex and the expansion of the University of Health and Allied Sciences, China Daily has reported referring to a statement from Sun Baohong, Chinese ambassador to Ghana.

The Jamestown Fishing Port Complex is expected to enhance the productivity of Ghana’s fishing industry and create around 100 jobs for young locals. Meanwhile, China’s support for the development of polytechnic universities in Ghana will help prepare the country for industrialization, China Daily noted.

Ghana is China’s sixth largest trading partner among 54 African nations, with economic cooperation between the two countries amounting to $6.67 billion in 2017. Furthermore, Ghana’s exports to China has increased by 41% to more than $1.5 billion last year, while China’s exports to Ghana has reached about $5.17 billion, China Daily reported.

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