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18 Nov 2019, Radoslav Yordanov, EMIS Editor

Brazil’s retail sales grow 2.1% y/y in September

Retail sales in Brazil rose 2.1% year-on-year in September, accelerating by 0.7% compared to August, CEEMarketWatch reported citing figures released by the statistics office IBGE. This is sector’s sixth consecutive monthly expansion and it is mainly explained by the growth of four of the eight components tracked. 

The segment of other articles for personal and domestic use had the highest positive contribution to retail sales after improving sharply by 3.8% to 8.5% y/y gain. Furniture and white goods sales jumped 8.2% y/y in September, while pharmaceutical and cosmetic sales advanced by 6.7% y/y. 

On the other side, however, fuel and lubricant sales dropped 5% y/y, having the highest negative impact on the local retail sector. Textile, periodical and paper and communication and IT equipment sales also declined in y/y terms during the month of reference. 

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Original source: CEEMarketWatch