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08 Aug 2018, Petia Krasteva, EMIS Editor

Brazil’s grain output to soar 30% in ten years

Brazil’s grain output is expected to soar 30% in ten years, according to a new study published by the Ministry of Agriculture, Valor Economico International reported. The country is expected to produce 301.8mn tonnes of grain, up from 232.6 million tonnes in 2017/2018. The increase will come with the higher yield and productivity as the area planted with grain is actually seen to increase by only 15% in ten years. According to Valor the biggest rise will be observed in output and exports of soy and corn, which already have significant share in Brazilian agriculture.

The agriculture ministry study also assumes that output and exports of sugar, coffee and orange juice will retain its upward trend. Sugar exports is forecast to rise 25.8% until 2028 to 37.2 million tonnes or 74.9% of the projected output of 49.7 million tonnes. Nonetheless the country will probably lose its top sugar exporter position to India by the time. Coffee exports is projected to rise 17.2% to 34 million bags of 60kg and orange juice exports would also surge by 17.4% to 2.7 million tonnes, Valor detailed.

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